Around our Olive Trees

The olive tree, millennial and majestic tree called the life tree, shapes our landscapes. It keeps its beauty all year long because it doesn’t lose its leaf. We can discover it in bloom on the beginning of May with yellow and white colors.
We are working on around 1200 olive trees.

We harvest our olives between November and December. One part of the harvesting is to make pot of olives and the other part is for the olive oil.

Our olive oil “AOC de Provence”
We don’t owe our own mill yet, but we are thinking about it! At present, we press our own harvest at the “Olive Tree” mill located in Gargas.

We chose to produce “AOC de Provence” olive oil to guarantee you that our oilve oil is a quality and controlled oil, virgin extra.

Getting the “AOC de Provence” label implies a blending of 3 varieties. For our oil, you can find Aglandau (for the most part), Bouteillan and Cayon varieties.

You can taste our oil on french bread or with a spoon for the connoisseurs! You will discover a certain bitterness, sign of quality for a good olive oil. This bitterness will be less strong once you will use the oil as a normal condiment.

Our olive oil is fruity and is caracterized by an artichocke and herbaceous flavors.

Don’t forget: the olive oil is recognized good for your health! So don’t to refrain from eating it!

The olive pots

Our recipes smell good the Provence ! We use a traditional know-how.

We offer :

  • Green nature olives, preserved in a decoction of mixed herbs
  • Green olives with a secret recipe with sweet pepper
  • Black olives with mixed herbs